9 Reasons Cats May Not Want to Sleep on Your Lap

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Many cats lover can’t imagine a life without the presence of their feline friends, who often offer unconditional love and companionship. But just like human beings, not all cats are the same! Some want to sleep on your lap.

Some want to sleep on top of your head; others want to be left alone entirely. There are so many different ways cats behave. It’s hard to tell why! Here are 10 reasons you might think your cat doesn’t want to sleep on your lap and what you can do if you feel strongly about convincing them otherwise!

1) Wants a higher vantage point

A high vantage point gives a cat the best view of the world. Cats like to sleep in high places, such as armchairs and sofas. If your cat is not in a good mood, he might not want to be touched or petted.

Even if he does get up on your lap for a little while, he may be looking for just that. A short break before moving back onto the couch or chair.

2) Needs his own space

Cats are independent creatures who need space and time to themselves. If your cat doesn’t seem interested in sitting on your lap, it could be that they need their own space. Cats can be susceptible animals in which their cat foods also matter. So if they don’t want to sleep on your lap, try not to force them.

The best way to get a cat used to sleep with you is by giving them treats while sitting on your lap. Then gradually letting them move closer and closer without moving away.

3) Doesn’t like the position you are in

Your cat may be doing this because they are trying to get away from you or want your attention elsewhere. Try sitting with them in a different position and see if that helps. It could also be that they don’t like how you smell or feel.

If your cat does not like being touched, that is likely why they’re sitting at a distance from you. Consider washing your hands before petting them or using hand sanitizer after touching something before petting them.

Keep in mind that cats have very sensitive whiskers, so make sure you move their body gently and slowly when lifting them onto your lap. Cats may also want their own space and find it uncomfortable when someone sits too close for too long of a period.

4) Too crowded

Cats are not typically lapping animals. When they sit on your lap, they are usually getting some attention. In other words, if your cat is not sitting in your lap, it may be because there are too many things going on in the household, and the cat can’t get the attention they need.

Cats enjoy a quiet setting with little noise and activity. This will help them feel more at ease and more likely to want to sleep on your lap.

5) Doesn’t like your scent

It’s possible that your cat doesn’t like the way you smell. Cats have a keen sense of smell and are sensitive to changes in their environment, such as perfume, detergent, and even the order in which you place food dishes.

When you get home from work, your cat may be turned off by the scent of your clothes or hair products. If this is the case, change out of your work clothes and wash up before trying to coax her onto your lap again.

It’s also possible that your cat doesn’t want attention from you because she wants it from someone else like another family member or a pet dog in the house.

6) It hurts him

Cats are usually very affectionate animals, and many cats enjoy sleeping on their human’s lap. If your cat enjoys sitting with you but won’t sleep, he may feel pain or discomfort. For example, he could have arthritis or other joint pains.

Cats also need a great deal of space, and it can be hard for them to relax if another animal or person crowds them. To help your cat feel more comfortable on your lap, try giving him some space while he’s lounging around during the day, so he feels more at home in your lap when it’s time for bedtime

7) Trying to tell you something else is going on

A cat might not want to sleep in your lap for a few reasons:

  • You’re not their lap cat.
  • They’re scared.
  • The position is uncomfortable for them.
  • You’re too big for the cat, or you haven’t spent enough time working with them.
  • You don’t have a good scratching post.
  • They are just resting.
  • Sometimes cats want to be left alone!

8) Maybe they don’t like you!

Here are a few reasons your cat may not want to sleep on your lap.

1) They like you better from a distance: Cats want to keep their distance from humans because it makes them feel safer.

2) They’re not in the mood for petting: Sometimes cats are just not in the mood for attention, especially if they’ve been at the veterinarian’s office or just had a stressful experience.

3) They don’t trust you: This can happen if they’ve had too many bad experiences with humans and need time before they’re ready to trust someone again.

4) You don’t provide a comfortable place for them: If your lap is too small or not soft enough, it won’t be their favorite place to sleep.

9) Some cats don’t like sleeping on laps

The internet contains tips for getting your cat to sleep on your lap. Some cats don’t like sleeping on laps. The best lap cats tend to be kittens, not grown-ups. Look for signs that they’re uncomfortable before you do anything drastic, like giving them a time out.

Cats might show their displeasure by standing up, licking the air, or walking away from you when you try and cuddle them. These are all ways they communicate with you about what’s bothering them.

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